Siemens S5-135U

The Open5-135 card adapts in few minutes a Siemens S5 PLC rack-135U to PROFIBUS network


Establishment of OPEN5-135 card

The OPEN5-135 adapter connects to replace the expansion card rack S5-135U, CPU card must also be removed.

Economic and security benefits

  • No wiring / rewiring of the installation.
  • A downtime of several minutes.
  • A flashback easy and safe.

The low cost of the card has nothing in common with the budget full replacement IO namely hardware, rewiring, testing, risk and updated wiring diagrams !

100% compatible PROFIBUS-DP

  • Fournie avec son fichier « .GSD » la carte OPEN5-135 peut être déclarée dans tous les systèmes compatibles PROFIBUS-DP maître.
  • Switches are used to define the address of the DP slave card.

Ease of implementation

  • Once the GSD implemented, the input-output series 5 become remote IO Profibus.
  • For control, just write and read the corresponding Profibus addresses.

Ease of maintenance

  • The only manipulation when replacing a OPEN5-135 card is positioned at the same address switch the Profibus address. All information related to the configuration is automatically recharged by the network.
  • A green LED informs the presence or absence of supply A bi-color red / green LED indicates proper communication on the PROFIBUS network.. Finally, another two-color LED lights green if the card is working properly and red if there is a fault. In this case, a diagnostic level of the controller is necessary.


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Communication speed : 9.6k to 12000k bauds in automatic detection
Adressing : by switch
Approvals : CE et RoHS
Operating temperature : 0 to 55°C
Storage temperature : -25 to +85°C
Card size : 233x171x10 mm
Weight : 140g