The OPEN400 Efsys card adapts in few minutes

a PB400 PLC rack  to PROFIBUS network



Establishment of OPEN400 card

OPEN400 card starts instead of UC cards (remove UC and put the OPEN400 to slot 4), CEX (expansion chassis) and CED (remote frame). The CMD cards can be removed from the chassis, and the serial links.

Economic and security benefits

  • No wiring / rewiring of the installation.
  • A downtime of several minutes.
  • A flashback easy and safe.

The low cost of the card has nothing in common with the budget the complete replacement IO namely hardware, rewiring, testing and risks !

100% compatible PROFIBUS-DP

  • Delivered with the OPEN400 card « . GSD » file can be declared in all PROFIBUS-DP master systems compatible.
  • Two rotary encoders are used to define the address of the DP slave card.

Ease of implementation

  • The only manipulation when replacing a OPEN400 card is positioned at the same Profibus address both rotary encoders map. All information related to the configuration is automatically recharged by the network.
  • A green LED informs the presence or absence of the PROFIBUS communication. Lit solid red LED indicates that the card is not OPEN400 service.


Monitoring cards
61 057
61 058
All or nothing input cards
61 080
61 081
61 082
61 083
61 084
All or nothing output cards
61 100
61 101
61 102
61 103
61 104
Compatibility : PB400
Communication speed : 9.6k to 12000k bauds in automatic detection
I/O scan time : 250μs by configured locations
Adressing : by Switch
Approvals : CE, RoHS and UL
Operating temperature : 0°C to +55°C
Storage temperature : -25°C to +85°C
Card size : 245x175x31 mm
Weight : 150g