Allows control of a network of valves ALTOP on Profibus


Establishment of TOP-FIBUS card

TOP-FIBUS card connects to replace the APU card, without any modification of the rack.

Economic and security benefits

  • No wiring / rewiring of the installation.
  • A downtime of several minutes.
  • A flashback easy and safe.
  • The low cost of the card has nothing in common with the budget the complete replacement heads ALTOP or I/O ALTOP-10, namely hardware, rewiring, testing and risks !

    100% compatible PROFIBUS-DP

  • Delivered with the TOP-FIBUS card « . GSD » file can be declared in all PROFIBUS-DP master systems compatible.
  • Two rotary encoders are used to define the address of the DP slave card.
  • Ease of maintenance

  • The only manipulation when replacing a TOP-FIBUS card is positioned at the same address Profibus two rotary encoders map. All information related to the configuration is automatically recharged by the network.
  • A green LED informs the presence or absence of the PROFIBUS communication. Lit solid red LED indicates that the card TOP-FIBUS is not in service.
  • Specifications

    Using the PROFIBUS exchange table: 244 bytes input and 200 bytes output
    Compatibility with series PRI ALERT cards
    Communication speed : 9.6k to 12000k bauds in automatic detection
    Adressing : par l’intermédiaire de 2 roues codeuses
    Approvals : CE et RoHS
    Operating temperature : 0 to 55°C
    Storage temperature : -25 to +85°C
    Card size : 235x230x12 mm
    Weight : 140g