Replaces PRI-CPU card without changing the PRI


Establishment of PRI-FIBUS card

PRI-FIBUS card connects to replace the PRI-CPU card without changing the PRI. (This replaces MPU card in the case of an Alert 5).

Economic and security benefits

  • No wiring / rewiring of the installation.
  • A downtime of several minutes.
  • A flashback easy and safe.

The low cost of the card has nothing in common with the budget the complete replacement IO namely hardware, rewiring, testing and risks!

100% compatible PROFIBUS-DP

  • Delivered with the PRI-FIBUS card « . GSD » file can be declared in all PROFIBUS-DP master systems compatible.
  • Two rotary encoders are used to define the address of the DP slave card.

Ease of implementation

  • Once the GSD implemented, the input-output Alert cards become remote IO Profibus.
  • For control, just write and read the corresponding Profibus addresses.
  • You can change the configuration of I/O cards in racks (adding and deleting cards).

Ease of maintenance

  • The only manipulation when replacing a PRI-FIBUS card is positioned at the same address Profibus two rotary encoders map. All information related to the configuration is automatically recharged by the network.

According to the same principle as the PRI-CPU card four switches enable disable trade with a rack to avoid disruption during the installation or replacement of a card.

  • A green LED informs the presence or absence of the PROFIBUS communication.
    Lit solid red LED indicates that the card PRI-FIBUS is not in service. Flashing if a switch Disables a rack is enabled.


All or nothing input cards
All or nothing output cards
Analog input cards
Analog output cards
Using the PROFIBUS exchange table: 244 bytes input and 200 bytes output
Compatibility with PRI ALERT series cards
Communication speed : 9.6k to 12000k bauds in automatic detection
Adressing : par l’intermédiaire de 2 roues codeuses
Approvals : CE et RoHS
Operating temperature : 0..55°C
Storage temperature : -25..+85°C
Card size : 235x230x12 mm
Weight : 140g